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Sound Audio Systems

Professional, High-End Sound Reinforcement Speakers

Sound Audio Systems believes that you deserve professional quality sound reinforcement.

We are proud to offer high end audio speakers that deliver the power and intelligibility needed to make that connection with your audience.

Professional sound systems for an array of applications. Whether you need sound reinforcement systems for portable or fixed installations we have the sound system to fit your needs as well as your budget.

Our sound systems include line array speakers for small, medium and large venues, compact portable speakers for for small to large crowd coverage, and omnidirectional loudspeakers for high quality sound with broad coverage.

Product line includes self powered speakers, passive speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers and digital processors.

We gaurantee competitive pricing and unmatched customer service.

Our portable sound systems are commonly used in settings such as:

  • education
  • worship services
  • weddings
  • community events
  • sports and band events
  • auctions
  • government applications
  • first responders and military

Portable Sound Systems are ideal for community centers, schools, businesses and event managers to have on hand. Important factors to keep in mind when choosing the right audio system for you include approximate crowd size, indoor vs. outdoor use, and who may be using the system. Knowing where you will use the system also helps in deciding if you want a traditional speaker set up on a stand or if you may be better off with a simple setup line array.

Our portable sound systmes are an ideal option for any group, event, or production from small crowds to large crowds. View our full line of powered monitor speakers, wired and wireless intercoms, portable lecterns, and even assistive listening devices to make enjoying presentations, tours, music, speeches and participating in worship services and community events available to everyone. Quick set up, highly audible sound, USA made dependable products.

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