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DR Series Speakers

Sound Quality and Efficiency in Compact Sound Reinforcement Enclosures – Powered & Non-Powered Speakers

Applications Include: Clubs, Discos, Gymnasiums, Houses of Worship, Schools, Corporate AV and General PA

The Dynamics (DR) Series combines design with function, achieving a product that redefines the meaning of reliability, sound quality and efficiency in compact sound reinforcement enclosures.

Their unique design permits tripod mounting and attachment to walls or ceilings using optional rigging hardware that facilitates permanent installation. The use of structural polypropylene in tandem with comprehensive wall reinforcement provides for an enclosure that is not only durable, but exhibits superior acoustic properties for sound that is natural and transparent.

The Dynamics Series is especially appropriate in clubs, discos, gymnasiums, general PA, or any application that requires sound reinforcement in a lightweight, compact enclosure.